10 Lesser Known Facts About Big Boss
Facts About Big Boss

Did you know about these fascinating facts about the Big Boss house and contestants? Cigarette, Alcohol – Check, Sex – Check, Ghost – Check

1. The house of the Big Boss has no clocks. At no point of time during their stay in the house are the contestants aware of time.

Big Boss has no clocks

2. There are several mirrors present all over the house which contestants use to check themselves out. However, a little-known fact is that there are cameramen on the other side of the mirror.

little-known fact BIGG boSS

3. There is a smoking area in the house but the showrunners avoid featuring that has it they don’t want to be a show that promotes smoking.

Smoking Area

4. Contestants do get intimate inside the house, but it is often edited as Bigg Boss is supposed to be a family show.

get intimate inside the house

5. WWE wrestler Khali, who made it to the finale of Bigg Boss 4, was being paid a whopping ₹50 lakhs per week.

WWE wrestler Khali

6. Hollywood Diva Pamela Anderson was in the Bigg Boss house for three days in Season 4. She was paid Rs 2.5 crore per day.

Hollywood Diva Pamela Anderson

7. The contestants have often complained of paranormal activity in the house, even crew members have admitted to the presence of a weird-looking woman standing in the corner of a room.

weird-looking woman

8. Consuming liquor/alcohol is not banned in the house, those contestants fond of drinking are given the same in fruit juice packets.

fruit juice

9. Quitting the show midway shall incur a fine — which has been said to be as high as ₹2 crore.

Bigg Boss House

10. The typical signing amount for the contestants is ₹8 lakhs, minimum. Even if he/she gets evicted in the first week.

typical signing

Bigg Boss