5 destinations to spice up your honeymoon
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As travel turns into more of a bespoke experience today, opting to visit routine places to celebrate your wedding is not so cool any longer. Here’s a list of some out-of-the-box honeymooning ideas that you can use.



Basking in the Dead Sea’s medicinal black mud while soaking up the water’s healthy minerals along with some Jordanian sun, is turning out to be a favourite activity of honeymooners. While in Jordan, make sure to visit Petra and Jerash for their splendid ancient architecture.

Atacama Desert, South America

Atacama Desert, South America

It might be one of the driest deserts in the world but Atacama is the most sought-after honeymoon destination due to the unique experiences it provides the traveller. Galloping on a horse through the conical dunes of the Death Valley, bathing in hot springs that are therapeutic or stargazing in one of the most clear skies are only some of them.

La Rioja, Spain


This place is where you shall have a holiday dipped in wine, literally! With approximately 500 wineries located in the area, you can have an extensive honeymoon itinerary that features multiple vineyard visits, wine tasting sessions, feasting on wine-infused dishes and the yummy diverse world cuisine La Rioja is so famous for.

Amazon Rainforest


What if you could take a shower, laze around or sip your coffee sitting atop a treetop located amidst a wet-moist and scenic jungle? Well, this is what honeymoon couples are up to in the Amazon Rainforest. From waking up to breathtaking sunrises, going on nocturnal jungle walks, piranha fishing to rubbing shoulders with wildlife, the activities you can indulge in over here are endless.

Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida


Let out the child inside you and have a ball riding the various roller-coasters, river rapids, the mine train and animal safaris that lend you a chance to get up and close to wildlife. Broadway-style musical stage shows, colourful parades and fireworks make sure you do not have a dull moment and are entertained till the end.

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