8 Crazy things your body did last night
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Crazy Habits

You froze up!
Our body inhibits movement during sleep to prevent us from injuring ourselves by reacting to dreams. But the real scare starts when you wake up and find yourself frozen!

Sleeping Habits

You over-communicated!
Studies show that almost 5% of people in the world, talk in their sleep and almost 25-35% send a text while sleeping.

talk in their sleep

You snored like crazy!
Research shows that 44% men and 28% women are habitual snorers. So you probably turned into a snoring beast last night, ask your partner!

women are habitual snorers

You sprung a leak!
Your sphincher muscles loosen slightly when you sleep, so you leak a little more gas at night. Blame your partner instead!

You got a boner!
Scientists say that evening erections is a coping mechanism that our body has developed to keep us out of a coma state by connecting our body to actual world. No more hiding!

coping mechanism

You sprung another leak!
It’s a well known fact that if you haven’t let loose in a while, your body releases pent-up semen to keep things fresh and to maintain your testosterone level. We got a justification for our teenage embarrassment! Hurray!

down before bed

Your body cools down before bed!
As a signal to brain to release melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep onset. FYI: Your body reaches it lowest temperature at around 2:30 am.

strain your night

You probably slept wrong!
You either slept dead-flat, which can induce lower back pain, or you slept the whole night with your head tuhrned to one side which might strain your night. Your sleeping positions can have a big impact on your health!

Crazy Habits Sleeping Habits