A royal Bengal entry at the Cannes
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Garbage, Kolkata and Goa-based director Q’s new feature, will be presented at the Marché du Film, Cannes 2018. The movie that premiered at Berlinale 2018, and is currently doing the rounds at several International Film Festivals this year, marks the beginning of the alliance between Q, founder of Oddjoint (a production company) and Shaailesh of Karma Entertainment & Media LLP.

The film is a gritty socio-political drama that explores the dark depths of sexual violence and religious-political fanaticism in India. While Garbage received high accolades from the international media, their next few projects aim to push the envelope even further.

Their immediate projects include a fantasy horror fiction – REPLAY that revolves around a group of young friends who become involved in a twisted game of death and gore, as well as two other new media projects. In a recent addition, a newly acquired book deal with severe political ramifications is also under discussion. Given the sensitive and controversial nature of the project, the announcement is currently being kept under wraps.

“In this climate of strife and misunderstandings, it’s becoming more and more important to tell stories that deal with the discourse of dissent. As Garbage travels the world, I am extremely excited to begin work on one of the most important books today – an investigative piece, a true story that shook the foundations of Indian politics.” says Q.

Check out the trailer here:

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