A Sangeet in Westeros

Check out this Mumbai couple who just had a lit af sangeet ceremony, Game of Thrones ishstyle

The one thing we want in a life partner is a mutual love for the same web series and movies. Taking their love for ‘Game Of Thrones’ and for each other to a whole new level is this Mumbai-based couple Shaurya and Sanjana Mehta, who recently had a GOT-themed Sangeet ceremony. That’s right, the hardcore GOT fans had a sangeet ceremony with the show’s theme, replete with the house banners, dragon egg replicas, Valyrian swords and the Iron Throne!
Here is how the event unfolded:

1. As the theme music of ‘Winds of Winter played in the background, the couple made a grand entry while the relatives gave them a sword salute.

2. The pair entered the venue as the sigils for House Stark and House Lannister waved high in the air.

3. Of course, they had the famous ‘Iron Throne’ for the bride and groom to sit and it looked formidable in the backdrop of a map of the seven kingdoms.

4. And to top it all, there were also three custom-made dragon eggs, a Dothraki tradition of gifting in the HBO show.

5. If you were bored at the event at any point, you could take a shot at King Joffrey, one of the most hated men in all of Westeros.

6. A wedding between House Lannister and House Targaryen?

All image credits: Reels and Frames by Anand Rathi

Game of Thrones Wedding