Achhe din on its way! One MRP norm to be followed
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Here comes a reason to rejoice! Now you won’t have to think twice before buying water or anything other product with MRP rates at malls or airports. Thanks to GST, now everyone will have to follow the one MRP norm. This means now just water but also beverages and packaged food will be sold at the same price across.

As we all know ‘water is life’ now it would cost the same at every mall, multiplex and airport, leaving you happy and your thirst quenched. The most happiest and loud about this welcoming change was Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan who tweeted about this change with much elan.


The government has also ordered that the size of letters and numerals in the declaration should be increased to make it easier for consumers to read. Seems that Achhe din FINALLY aane waale hain!