Airline Food to Go-Green with World’s Largest Vertical Farm in Dubai
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Airline Food

Dubai is giving travellers another chance to have it on their travel bucket list again. This time it is not because of a luxurious hotel, designer clothing store or a skyscraper. Dubai is all set to build World’s largest Indoor Vertical Farm that will grow produce for the world’s largest international airport – Dubai International Airport.

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Emirates Flight Catering and Crop One Holdings will together build this largest vertical farm that will serve food in all the flights taking off from Dubai airport by 2020. The farm spans across an area of 1,30,000-square-foot and will produce up to 6,000 pounds of greens and herbs every day. This farm will be very different from traditional outdoor farm. Here the crops will grow year-round under LEDs in climate-controlled rooms. The rooms will have optimal temperature and oxygen levels depending on the crop. Trays stacked from floor to the ceiling will have green sprouts in nutrient-rich water beds instead of soil. There are also sensors in the trays to track how the plants are doing in real time.

Airline Food to Go-Green

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The construction of the farm will start in November 2018 and will deliver crops to 105 airlines and 25 airport lounges, in December 2019.

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