Algorithm puzzle becomes an Auditorium
  • Story Crux Team

You must have studied algorithms in your Mathematics book. Some of you might hate it also. But you won’t hate this auditorium in Hamburg, Germany.

Mathematics book


The auditorium, Elbphilharmonie is a result of parametric design. It is a process by which designers use algorithms to develop an object’s form. The architects, Herzog and De Meuron have used algorithms to generate a unique shape for each of the 10,000 gypsum fiber acoustic panels that line the walls of the auditorium. The undulating puzzle looks stunning when music and lights fills the place.



Herzog and De Meuron


The auditorium is in off-white colour with 2,150 seats and 1,000 hand-blown glass light bulbs. The panels feature one million little divots that look as if someone has used a seashell to carve out a chunk of material. The architects began designing and building Elbphilharmonie almost 13 years ago.

De Meuron Elbphilharmonie Hamburg Herzog