‘APP’ up your travel with these tech pals
  • Story Crux Team

Travelling sometimes feels like a game of roulette. Even with the best of planning there is always a probability of going off track.

Make your travel smoother with the amazing travel apps

1. Google Translate

Google Translate

This app helps you to learn new language and converse with other tourist from around the globe. The app saves you if you are lost and not familiar with the local dialect.

2. XE Currency

 XE Currency

Buying chocolates and don’t know how much they will cost in another currency. Don’t worry! XE Currency app is perfect for quick and easy calculation for the quick bargain you need to make on the go.

3. Glympse


Never lose your besties or family on a trip again, this app is perfect for the group trips, where one can keep real time GPS track of each other. This app is a fast, safe, free and a life saver to say the least.

4. Google Map

Google Map

This travel app is widely used and the most accurate in the market, various in build features make it ideal app to keep while travelling. Features like offline map, popular restaurant rating and reviews, nearest ATM, Hospital, real time traffic alert and the best of all Virtual tour.

5. Mint


Don’t worry about maintaining the budget while travelling. Mint app helps you in organising expenses. The app is a read only, means it’s completely safe.

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