Art with a Kiss
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Alexis Fraser or Lipstick Lex as she is popularly known creates stunning artworks with a kiss. Toronto-based artists kisses the canvas at just right places to create detailed portraits.

Specialist in oil painting, Fraser has also mastered an art form that she calls ‘kiss print pointilism’. In this form of art she applies lipstick to her lips and kisses the canvas until a desired image is formed. She also draws with lipstick directly on the canvas for finer details. The major work on the canvas is done by her lips.

She normally completes small scale portraits of celebrities like Frank Sinatra or Sophia Loren in a few hours while the large scale works take up to a week. Several tubes of lipstick are used in the process. Fraser kissed the canvas for over four days and used two tubes of lipstick to make a portrait of Marylin Monroe in 2014.

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Alexis experiments with different brands of lipstick and her favourites are MAC, Kiko Milano, Burt’s Bees and Kat Von D Beauty lipstick. She primarily sticks to reds and black lipstick. The artist has a background in teaching. She left the job to dedicate full-time to her art.

Alexis Kisses

Credit: USA Art News

She is certainly not the first to use lipstick as a paint. Another artist named Natalie Irish first came up with it five years ago. Natalie, a Houston based multi-media artist creates astonishing paintings by varying the pressure of kisses on the canvas. She started the incredibly beautiful art form which is being followed by many today. People say that following her birth, Natalie Irish began to shock and amaze everyone with her astonishing artwork of all conceivable mediums.

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Credit: Raising Arizona Kids