Bappa’s new looks

With the annual 10-day Ganesh Festival just around the corner, the much revered elephant god is being seen in various forms all around us. Right from mobile covers to jewellery and coffee mugs to lamps, ‘bappa’ seems omnipresent. Here is a peek at lord Ganesha’s some new and interesting designs.


Now you can choose whether you want to flaunt a dancing Ganesha, a sleeping Ganesha or one playing a musical instrument, etc., on your tee. Designers have come up with online options of DIY Ganesha tees that allow you to choose your favourite Ganesha design. They come in a string of colour options and styles such as short, long, tunics or tee dresses for women. There is also an entire range of sportswear with Ganesha motifs including gym bags. Another interesting design is the 3d printed Ganesha tees that make you sit up and take notice.


Image source: Minawala

Owning a piece of jewellery that has Ganesha in it is considered auspicious. So gift yourself a Ganesha pendant that is studded with precious diamonds and gemstones.

Mobile covers

A 3D back cover is one of the best accessories to make your mobile phone look attractive, and when it comes with a Ganesha design you have all the more reason to flaunt it during the Ganesha festival. The latest versions come in high quality, shock absorbent, shatterproof and anti-scratch material. Take a pick from festive colours like silver, gold, rose gold, bronze or grey.


Start your day on a positive note by sipping coffee from a mug with Ganesha print. The market is flooded with ceramic mugs with Ganesha prints in turquoise, purple, wine, grey and more colours. Quirky designs such as Ganesha longingly looking at a plateful of his favourite food modak or cute baby Ganesha standing with a lath will steal your attention. Coffee mugs with messages such as Ganesha loves me or Coffee removes obstacles are also popular.


Colourful and trendy wall lamps in the shape of Ganesha that are diamond studded or have meenawork are quite popular at the moment. Also ones made with paper that can be kept on the the table or floor look elegant.