A beach in China is red for miles
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The first thing that comes to the mind when you think of a beach is sand and blue water. Have you ever thought of spending your beach holidays on red beach? Yes, you read that right. A place known as the Red Beach really exists!

Panjin Red Beach

Credit: Absolute Chine Tours

Red Beach in Panjin

Credit: The Daily Mail

The Red Beach in Panjin, China is not covered in sand. It is actually red in colour because of a type of sea weed called Sueda. This type of weed starts growing in April and May. It stays green during the summer and starts turning red in autumn.

Red Beach in Panjin


Located the biggest wetland and reed marsh in the world, Red Beach is home to 269 species of birds and 399 species of wild animals. You can also spot the endangered Crown Cranes and Black Beaked Gulls here. Only a small section of the beach is open for tourists and is a must-visit.

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