The best concept cars at Auto Expo 2018
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Auto Expo

The biennial Auto Expo is back! For eight days, the best of the brands from the automotive world will display some of their creations – of the two-/three-/four-wheeled kind. These comprise new launches, facelifts, new editions, and more.

The ones that often grab the maximum attention, though, are concept cars. Representing a part of the R&D that automotive manufacturers do, these are attempts to showcase what the best of technology and design put together could give rise to. Here’s a look at the five best concept cars from Day One of Auto Expo 2018:

Maruti Suzuki e-Survivor

Definitely one of the most quirky vehicles seen at the Expo, the oddly-named e-Survivor is an all-electric four-wheel-drive concept SUV. Its highlights include autonomous driving capabilities, a lightweight and compact body, and a ladder frame chassis that endow it with excellent driveability and durability in off-road situations. Four in-wheel electric motors allow fine control of the wheels and on-the-spot turning.

Auto Expo 2018

Renault TREZOR

A stunning two-seater electric sportscar concept, the TREZOR is 4.7 m long, 2.18 m wide and just 1.08 m high. The brainchild of Renault’s design chief Laurens Van Den Acker, it has a long bonnet and a two-seater cabin with a coupé-like roofline. Unique aspects include a carbonfibre spine connecting the front and rear tubular steel frames, and a one-piece clamshell roof. It weighs just 1,600 kg, and rides on 21” wheels in the front and 22” wheels at the rear.


Tata H5X

A preview to an expected production SUV to be launched in 2019, the H5X is a concept SUV bearing the company’s new Impact Design 2.0 design language. Riding on 22” wheels within huge wheel arches, its bold face wears slim high-set LED headlights, while the company’s trademark ‘humanity line’ connects the headlamps and grille. The fog lamp design is also quite different from what one might have seen from Tata, and is referred to as the ‘tri-arrow pattern’. It is likely to be powered by a Fiat Multijet diesel engine.


Honda NeuV

A mini electric concept car, the NeuV features emotional intelligence in the form of an emotion engine developed by CocoroSB, a Japanese artificial intelligence company. Named HANA, short for Honda Automated Network Assistant, this engine learns driving styles by detecting the driver’s emotions in terms of judgment and performance and then suggesting choices and recommendations. It can also recommend the kind of music to listen to!

Honda Car

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQ

An all-electric SUV concept, the Concept EQ can be charged via induction or via a wall-mounted box. Instead of the ubiquituous LED headlamps, it uses laser fibers. It is powered by twin electric motors whose combined output can go up to 200 kW, while all-wheel-drive allows for dynamic driving performance. On a single charge, it is claimed to offer a range of up to 400 km.

Concept EQ

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