Best foot forward

Do you dread going out in the rain because your shoes might get ruined? Does the monsoon mean unhappy feet for you? Fret not! We bring you the most stylish and affordable footwear to sail through the puddles albeit fashionably.

Crocs are your best buds

Whether it’s work, college or a day to run your errands, this pair of rubber Crocs will have your shoes hassles covered all day! These neon green Crocs are the perfect pick for the monsoon.


Platforms to the rescue

Stay elevated from puddles when you wear these open-toe flatforms. You must invest in a pair of flatforms to keep the rain water at bay and put your best foot forward!

Slip them on!

Add a sporty look to your outfit and protect your feet from the water with these chic metallic slip-ons! With the upper layer made of synthetic, you don’t need to worry about icky feet!

Flip flops

This casual yet easy-to-wear pair of slippers will save your day during the monsoons! These slippers are low maintenance during the rain but will ensure you look chic and stylish.

Gumboots, your ultimate saviours

If you don’t already own a pair of these stunners, the fashion police might arrest you for this brow-raising crime. The evergreen gumboots are monsoon must-haves – no matter what, they never go out of fashion for the monsoons.

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