Beware Litterbugs!
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The Delhi government will soon implement a sanitation bylaw for imposition of on-spot fine for people caught disposing waste or littering in non-designated areas. Brining life to the ‘Swachch Bharat Mission’, now night sweeping will be undertaken to give a clean look the city with the sunrise. However, there are more cities and capitals in India which make sure that their surroundings are spick and span. Cities like Hyderabad, Vijaywada and Visakhapatnem have already done their bit in this cleanliness movement.

Taking note, Rajasthan is already at the forefront, fining the litterbugs ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 5,000, depending on the waste disposed.

Do you know where all littering is illegal?

Singapore– The first time defaulters are fined $300. Those throwing bigger garbagelike cans or bottles are summoned by the court and can also end up paying to $1000.

Hong Kong– A fine of $1500 is charged here for littering.

Switzerland– Under the new rules, people are fined as high as CHF 300 for the act of dropping cigarette buds or empty drink cans.

USA– Many states of the United States of America follow the anti-littering laws and charge a minimum fine of $300 for littering on the roads.

New Zealand– Under the Littering Act, councils have the power to fine people up to $400 if caught dropping rubbish.

Canada– The fine ranges from a minimum of $125 to a maximum of $600 for throwing rubbish on the highways. In cities like Ontario, the litter offenders can be charged upto $1000 for dumping garbage on the rural roads.