The Boom of Subscription Model!
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Be U Salons

The new trend of subscription model offers a win-win solution to the challenges faced by both, the service provider and the customer.

The sudden change in customer habits has inspired companies across category to transform their retail methods. One thing that drives the new age customers is the need for convenience and dependability. And what would be better than a subscription model that ensures an “autopilot” renewal of offers which ensures that customers don’t have to deal with the hassle of service suspension or paying per product.

Here’s are some of the success stories that is driving this new trend of subscription addiction:

MunchPak delivers an assortment of cool snacks from around the world. This US based company offers three levels of subscription ranging from $9.95 per month to $39.95 per month family subscription offers. With an additional $1 pay, customers can even avail their customisation offer.

Customers have been going ga-ga over their products ever since the company prescribed to subscription model. It offers best value for adventurous subscribers who like to be surprised and don’t have to go through a tiresome menu to choose their snacks every month.

Winc Wine Club
With generous reward systems and exclusive membership offers, this wine delivery system has tapped onto the wine-ing needs of their customers. With their subscription offers, customers save a lot of time they spend at the store looking for the best bottle of wine and get to invest that time in enjoying what’s in their glass instead.

They have have seen a steady rise in their customer base as it eliminates the need to worry about which wine to buy. An added bonus is that they offer free membership on purchase a bottle of wine starting at $13. Customers just need to answer 6 questions stating their wine preferences and they deliver selections that suit your palette, every month.

Traditional fashion retail is a dead business! With fashion products becoming increasingly expensive and hard to find, this fashion subscription service is carving a niche for itself in the industry with its membership approach.

With disruptive pricing and exclusive VIP membership offers, the company’s subscription model is driving down costs and delivering unique experience for its fashion-friendly customers all at once. TechStyle’s membership charges start from $49 per month which provides them exclusively tailored products based on their past purchases, style and colour preferences.

Be U Salons
The biggest challenge faced by the new age metro women is the need to get their maintenance services done by a dependable salon professional, every month. With so many salons to choose from and the pricey salons that all of us dream of, it doesn’t come as a surprise that customers go salon hopping to look for best offers.

This Delhi-based tech enabled salon chain, Be U Salons, took the responsibility upon itself to transform the face of salon industry in the country by offering a first-of-its-kind subscription offer. Their disruption annual subscription model allows its loyal customers to enjoy services worth Rs 500 per month for free by simply paying an annual subscription price of Rs 1,699. Customers can choose to avail these services at any of their 85+ branches in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru.

The biggest catch of subscription model is that it does not change the product delivered by a company, instead it makes customers look at the existing products in a different way. Therefore, more and more businesses are turning to this new-age business model that enables the customers to stay within their budget and availing standardised benefits.

Be U Salons Salon Subscription Model