Broken your iPhone X screen? Now break the bank
iPhone x

The iPhone X nearly broke the internet with its features and its humongous price. And if you thought the phone is expensive, get this – repairing its screen will cost a bank-breaking $279!

That’s right – the repair price is nearly double that of an iPhone 6 screen replacement ($129) and about 65 percent higher than a new iPhone 8 screen ($169). And no, this is not the most expensive part of the repairs – all other repairs that are out of warranty will cost $549, far ahead of iPhone 8 repairs at $349 and 8 Plus at $399.

You could look at picking up AppleCare+, the extended warranty offered by Apple. Read the fine print carefully, though: at $199, the warranty works out more expensive for a new iPhone 8 screen than buying the screen out of warranty, though for the iPhone X it works out cheaper.

Still want the newest from Apple? Break the bank!

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