Can you handle Modi’s ‘Jadu Ki Jhappi’ President Trump?
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US President Donald Trump is known for his firm and long handshakes; the 19-second long handshake with Japanese PM Shinzō Abe is a testimony to this statement. But, the tables turned when our very own Prime Minister Narendra Modi, owing to his previous trysts with handshakes, grabbed the opportunity to give the US President our very own ‘Jadu ki jhappi’, a mandatory hug that he gives during all his visits.

Here are a few over-friendly gestures that has made the world thinking before greeting the US President.

1) Japanese PM Shinzō Abe’s tryst with the 19 second handshake with Trump


And the reaction could be like …


2) Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto, after refusing to handshake with his gesture, Trump did not move back but made a move to complete his trademark handshake.

However, when it came to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his move totally caught him off-guard and there happened the iconic hug, breaking the tradition of Trump handshakes


Now, how can we forget to mention about those ‘jadu ki jhappi’ gestures that we all love about our Prime Minister

3) PM Narendra Modi giving a hug to the Previous US President Barack Obama


4) India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is embraced by his Japanese counterpart, Shinzo Abe, upon Modi’s arrival at the State Guest House in Kyoto

5) French President Emmanuel Macron all smiles with PM Narendra Modu during one of his visits. We can all see the smiles on both the faces, clearing any chances of awkwardness between the two.



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