A Car Made of Sugar & Flax

‘Lina’, an eco-friendly, biodegradable car can ferry four people at 50 kmph.

Yes, you read it right, sugar and flax are no more just items to be consumed! It can also be made into a car! Made by Dutch students, the car named Lina weighs 310 kg. The lightweight electric car is made of a resin obtained from sugar beets and covered with Dutch-grown flax.


Such an effort for this design was phased out to reduce the air pollution levels and tackle climate change. The prototype of the car has not passed crash tests as the material will not bend like metal but break. The test drive of the car will roll out later in this year once it is given a green signal by the Netherlands Vehicle Authority.

So, brace yourself to maybe soon see cars made of sugar or any other food product soon rolling on the roads!

Feature image:

Biodegradable Cars