A Cat Called D-O-G is the Ace Canine Trainer
  • Story Crux Team

One of the top dogs at a St. Louis training center is a black and white cat named D-O-G, who does his part helping teach canines for important jobs assisting people with disabilities.

A major city in Missouri (United States), St. Louis, has an unusual situation at the Support Dogs, Inc., a dog training centre. It has a black and white cat who happens to be the trainer for dogs and has been named D-O-G (dee-OH-jee). Incidentally, his key responsibility is to get the dogs comfortable around other animals. Assistance dogs need to be well-behaved and not be distracted at their job helping people who are deaf or have mobility problems. Support Dogs president and CEO Anne Klein says D-O-G is “fearless” around the larger canines and plays with their tails, sleeps in their beds and eats and drinks from their bowls instead of his own. The dogs go through a two-year training program before they’re given to clients for free.

Watch the video below to see how D-O-G trains the dogs: