Christmas Celebrations begin in London with 10-metre-tall glass tree
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UK designer Lee Broom

The UK designer Lee Broom teamed up with global design brand Nude to create a 10-metre-tall Christmas tree. Called the ‘Tree of Glass’, it is made of 245 individual hand-blown glass pendant lights.

Christmas Celebrations begin in London

Credit: Dezeen

The tree was assembled on the 31st floor of the 310-meter-high building by using scissor lifts. The Tree of Glass has been designed in such a way that it can be disassembled in the New Year and sold as individual lighting products.

UK designer Lee Broom

Credit: Travel + Leisure

The tree is on display at the Aqua Shard restaurant and is inspired by the architecture of The Shard and its silhouette on the London sky. According to Broom, “the overall silhouette of the tree pretty much resembles the composition of The Shard itself, also the singular pendants are based on this too.”

 Aqua Shard restaurant

Credit: Dezeen

Christmas Lee Broom