Christmas Tree with a Twist
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The United States of America is giving the conventional Christmas Trees a twist. From robots to shopping carts and glass, here is a look at the most imaginative trees.


Singing Christmas Tree, Muskegon, Michigan


Credit: YouTube

Members of Mona Shores High School Choir have been uniting in Michigan for a song during the annual candlelight a cappella Mona Shores Singing Christmas Tree concert. They have been doing this for past 32 years. A team of 200 volunteers build a giant framework of steel which is 67 feet high. This framework can hold between 240 and 275 singers, and is decorated with 25,000 lights and 5,000 linear feet of greenery. This singing tree is a spectacle to behold.

Glass Plate Tree, Corning, New York

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Credit: Pinterest

The Corning Museum of Glass has been creating a 14-feet Christmas tree with colourful blown-glass ornaments for nearly a decade. They use 2000 such ornaments and this year there will also be a meal cooked up out of glass and a life-sized glass snowman and family. So get set for some fun!

Shopping Cart Tree, Santa Monica, California

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Credit: Smithsonian Magazine

Artist Anthony Schmitt has been balancing 86 metal shopping carts, one on top of the other to create a beautiful Christmas Tree. He has been doing this for 20 years now. This 34-foot masterpiece uses hose camps. Schmitt and his team make this wonder every year at Edgemar shopping center in Santa Monica.

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