Combinations that can go horribly wrong
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Know the food combinations that should be avoided to eat.

Well, it’s hard to resist good food but some times, even that comes with a CLAUSE! There are foods that are a wrong food combination. Saying no to eating food that is an unhealthy pairing can make your digestive system happy, which will in return stay strong and won’t make you feel lazy either.

Hoping to help you with this list!

Eggs and Bacon

Since both are high on protein, the fat in bacon combined with egg will make you lethargic as soon as you eat it.

Burger and Fries

Since the burger patty and fries, both are deep fried, the combination will leave you feeling heavy and lethargic and also an increased blood cholesterol.

Cereal and Juice

This combination will cause acidity since the acids in the juice will break to lower the activity of enzymes that break carbs in the cereals.

Pizza and Soda

The sugar in the soda slow down the digestion of carbs in the pizza and cause heaviness in the stomach.

Yogurt and Fruit

The acid content of fruit does produces toxins when mixed in yogurt leading to cold allergies.

Bananas and Milk

This combination is toxic forming and creates heaviness in the body.

Apple Juice and Allergy Medicines

The juices from the apples affects the absorption of the medicines in the bloodstream and this causes the medicine to be less effective.

So eat wisely and live well!