CONIFA 2018: A football tournament of the unrecognised
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Held in south London stadium, the opening ceremony of the alternative World Cup, Barawa 2018 (the tournament for people whose nations didn’t get a chance to compete or qualify for the FIFA World Cup) was held on a warm summer evening.

The low-key affair had passionate football fans in high spirits and plenty of beer. So, you must be wondering why Barawa 2018 when we have FIFA World Cup 2018? The tournament is for players of unrecognised nations and minority groups and also for those who are not members of FIFA.

Barawa is organised by CONIFA, the Confederation of Independent Football Associations. The London-based diaspora team of Barawa is the official host. The tournament began on May 31 and will run till June 9.

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According to CONIFA, “Its members include football teams from nations such as Tibet, Rohingya, Darfur, Northern Cyprus among many other “minority peoples and sports isolated territories.” The competition will feature 16 teams and is taking place in the stadia of English lower league teams across London. It will also feature players from Matabeleland, a southwestern region in Zimbabwe. CONIFA represents 334 million people worldwide.

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