Controversies that spat the Kejriwal regime in Delhi
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Arvind Kejriwal

The nuisance value of Kejriwal’s protest!

Arvind Kejriwal has allegedly made more headlines than Donald Trump. Beginning from his resignation in 2013 from the seat of Chief Minister to his recent allegation that “90% IAS officers don’t work”, Kejriwal has not left any stone unturned to ensure that the decibel level of his protests is louder than “Ab Ki Bar Modi sarkar”.

Walk down Kejriwal’s wall of controversy:

 The former Bureaucrat of the country, Arvind Kejriwal, did not shy away from accusing the cabinet ministers of flaunting their fake educational degrees. From MLA Bhavna Gaur, Surender Singh and former Law minister Jitender Sign Tomar to the PM of our country, nobody could escape the wrath of the aam aadmi.

Delhi Police officers were tagged as “agents” of the Prime Minister when Kejriwal failed to live up to his promise that he would change the face of Delhi’s Law and order as soon as he would be chosen the CM.

Travelling in his iconic blue WagonR, the CM claimed to be the face of the country’s aam aadmi. But he couldn’t escape the vengeance of Karma when Delhi BJP slammed him for very “high power bills” at his official residence.


Arvind Kejriwal

In 2015, Kejriwal intensified the tug-of-war between the political heads and the bureaucrats by asking senior bureaucrat Shakuntala Gamlin to not take charge as the acting Chief Secretary of Delhi claiming that her appointment was against the rule.

His famous feud with the former Lieutenant Governor, Najeeb Jung as seen no end. From accusing him of withholding a file related to appointment of 9000 guest teachers in Delhi government school to  claiming that he obstructed crackdown on tax-defaulters, Kejriwal never failed to be vocal about his famous fall-off with the LG.

Latest being his Dharna over the metro-price hike and asking “all the IAS officers to be ad-hoc because they do not work”.

Headlines that made us chuckle:

The tech-savvy CM came under fire after he shared an article on Twitter which made a case in favour of Pakistan over Uri attack.

Later, his iconic Blue wagonR got stolen from the secretariat road in Lutyens Delhi. From refusing to return this car to Kudan Sharma who had donated it to the party, to getting stolen from right under the CM’s nose, even Kejriwal’s car doesn’t disappoint him by grabbing enough limelight.


But Lo and Behold! He cannot really do anything about it, because the officers create obstacles for the implementation of schemes that he wants to execute for the betterment of the country.The fantastic Fallacy!

What impact his million comments have ever made is not a mystery. Ofcourse, creating headlines is a skill he has a mastery of and is proud about. But we cannot really guarantee that this will change anything, can we?

As an insider in the Bureaucracy of the country, his “revelation” never failed to create headlines if nothing else.

The AAP leader’s political biograph tells us that his tactics have not changed much. Agitation is the word he swears by and the aim is to stir up the ‘Aam Admi’ to attack parties and institutions and to eventually lose faith in everything, including him.

Arvind Kejriwal Controversies