Cry Closets are the ‘in’ thing in the US
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The University of Utah has come up with an opportunity for the students to relieve their stress. They have installed a ‘Cry Closet’ where the students can lock themselves for a short period of time.

The news became a rage after a tweet by one of the students of the university. It resembles a small room in the middle of Marriott Library on the Salt Lake City campus and features narrow door with dark lining, a plush floor and stuffed animals inside.

There is also a note on the door of the closet which reads, ‘A Safe Place for Stressed Out Students’. As per the reports this space is meant to provide a place for students appearing for finals to take a short 10-minute break.

Some people on Twitter did not seem to like this idea. One tweet on the Internet read, ‘This is beyond pathetic, first we tried to have Swoop be our mascot now this. “Way to prepare students for the real world. Wonder how many prospective employers have cry closets?”

The tweet mentions about Swoop which is a red-tailed hawk and the university’s sports mascot.
It is being said that the cry closet will come down once finals are finished.