The curious case of the missing midriff!

The much-in-the-news forthcoming Hindi movie Padmavati – oops, we mean Padmaavat – is finally a go for release! In the eye of many a storm for its allegedly controversial depiction of a fictional character (say what now?), Sanjay Bhansali’s movie has finally got the nod from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), of course with a number of changes.

One change that in particular has caught the notice of netizens, is in the title of this article. Yes, Deepika’s midriff has gone missing, and no, it is not because the filmmaker re-shot the song in question – Ghoomar – but it is courtesy a CBFC recommendation, and was implemented by visual effects (VFX).

Twitterati of course were not amused by this change, which defies basic logic in the way it does. Sample a few reactions:

So apparently the chaos was there in #Ghoomar #Padmaavat song was @deepikapadukone midriff was showing??1000s of people r getting raped abused but in so called mardo #KarniSena ko isme awaz uthani h?? And goverment approved? Say what we r living in a independent country?���

@ShobhaIyerSant I hope Bhansali will consider releasing a directors cut of the movie on blu Ray? I saw the super unnecessary (but very well done) editing of Deepikas midriff in Ghoomar… � I’m shocked the vision of such a legendary filmmaker is being stifled.

The case of the vanishing midriff. #Ghoomar video re-released with Deepika Padukone’s midriff covered up using CGI.

happy to announce that Hindu culture has been saved. the video of ‘Ghoomar’ on YouTube has been replaced by one that uses CGI to ‘cover up’ three inches of bare midriff. bee em kay jay.


Despite the changes in the film being approved by a panel of historians, and the CBFC having granted the film a U/A tag, the Karni Sena, a Rajput caste group, continues to oppose the film’s release, threatening to burn down movie theatres that screen the film.

Watch the newly-sanskari video here:

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