Deadpool takes over Manchester United!
Deadpool 2 news

Deadpool 2 is coming soon, and the makers seem to be letting no promotional opportunity pass by!

The newest sees a tie-up with legendary English football club Manchester United. In a newly-released promo spot, the character takes over Old Trafford, also known as the Theatre of Dreams and the home stadium of the club. The takeover extends to the ground, the changing rooms, and even the players’ kit. “Think of this as a special Deadpool present for your 659 million fans worldwide,” says an executive to the flabbergasted Red Devils (the nickname for fans of Manchester United) in the video. It continues to include smart jabs at the club manager Jose Mourinho and at the Avengers: Infinity War movie (“See when you make a sequel you have to double down on your promotions, or you just get buried by Infinity War.”)

Watch the video here:

Deadpool 2 Manchester United