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Romelu Lukaku

The year 2017 was big for football clubs around the world when it came to spending big on international trasfers. However, it was the English clubs who came out on top as the highest spenders with players like Lukaku and Morata.

More than a whopping $6.37 billion was shelled out on players by football clubs across the globe during 2017. It was the English football clubs that turned out on top to become as they spend the most compared to any other country, including Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and France. According to a report by FIFA’s Global Transport Market Report, out of the total amount, the English clubs spent $988 million for their squad improvement, ahead of all others.

English Football

Mammoth transfers such as Romelu Lukaku, from Everton to Manchester United for 75 million-pounds and Spanish striker Alvaro Morata, who moved from Real Madrid to Chelsea for a whopping 60 million-pounds ensured that English clubs were at the top of the spending pool.

English Football

The biggest transfer of 2017, that caught every eye-ball in the globe was that of FC Barcelona’s star and Brazilian striker Neymar, who moved from his longtime club (FCB) to Paris St Germain in a world-record transfer worth 222 million euros ($263 million). It was almost twice as much compared to 2016’s top transfer, that of French footballer Paul Pogba, from Italian club Juventus to Manchester United for $126million.

Comparative Analysis

If we analyse the top 50 most-expensive transfers in 2016 was $35.2 million compared to $48.4 million in 2017. The report further revealed that only 15.8 per cent of moves involved fees being paid from one club to another.

Meanwhile, the fee paid to agents have also drastically increased according to the report, especially for the English clubs who spent a whopping $125.7 million on intermediary payments, a significant amount out of the $447 million spent by all clubs worldwide. It was also quite high, as in 2016, clubs worldwide spent $387 million for agents.

Brazilian Talent

It was the biggest country in South America that landed on the top of the list when it came to international transfers. A total of 1,755 Brazilian players switched teams and took transfers to clubs in Germany, England, Spain, Argentina and many others.

According to the report, two hundred and fifty-four Brazilian clubs conducted international transfer deals with Germany (143), England (132), Argentina (111) and Spain (98) making up the top five. Spanish clubs received the most money in transfer fees ($840.4 million), but Portuguese ones posted the highest net receipts of $707.5 million.

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