Erupting Volcano in Philippines becomes a Stunning Backdrop
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Arlo Dela Cruz

The eruption of a volcano in Philippines has become the stunning backdrop for wedding pics of a couple.

The young couple Arlo Dela Cruz and Maica Nicerio-Dela Cruz chose Mayon Volcano in the Philippines as a backdrop while posing for their lovestruck wedding pictures. They were seen posing against a backdrop of a billowing ash cloud.

Arlo Dela Cruz and Maica Nicerio-Dela Cruz

Credit: SFGate

Mayon, one of the most active volcanoes in Asia, has been erupting regularly this year. It has erupted 50 times in past 500 years. This year, it showed first signs of unrest on Jan 13 and produced a greyish ash plume. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology raised its alert level to two and then to three hours on Jan 14 and 15.

75,500 people were asked to live in evacuation centres. According to the institute, ash plumes rose 2 miles high on Jan 25. The lava fountains reached 150 meters to 500 meters high and generated ash plumes that reached 3 kilometres above the crater.

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The couple decided to pose at restaurant Red Labuyo in the province of Albay to profess their love as it was the perfect place for their gorgeous and formidable wedding photos. While some people congratulated the couple, many slammed them for posing for the wedding pics in front of a sight that has caused eruptions.

Arlo Dela Cruz and Maica Nicerio-Dela Cruz

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Earlier this year, an image of the volcano emerged on social media where the ash cloud resembled an embracing couple. Locals said that the image of the embracing couple bears a similarity to the ancient tale of the demise of a woman called Magayon, after whom the mountain is named. Magayon ran away with her warrior lover to escape an unwanted suitor. When Magayon’s lover was shot and killed by an arrow as the couple tried to flee her father and tribesmen, she committed suicide by stabbing herself. Legend has it that the couple is buried at the site of the mountain.

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Arlo Dela Cruz Maica Nicerio-Dela Cruz