Eva Ekeblad: a Swedish noble who discovered how to make Vodka from Potatoes
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Google Doodle is always fun to see each time you open Chrome, today they honoured Eva Ekeblad on her 293rd birthday. Eva, a Swedish nobility was born on 10th in 1724. She was the first woman to be admitted to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for her discovery of how to use potatoes to make flour and alcohol.

Sweden in 17th Century was suffering from shortage of cereals, such as oats and barley, which were necessary for the country’s food and alcohol supplies. But it also contributed to a spike in alcohol consumption.

Eva grew potatoes based on preliminary research done by Germany. In 1746, Eva Ekeblad after research discovered that the raw vegetables could be cooked, crushed and dried to create a form of flour and alcohol.

At 24, she submitted her findings to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and became the first female to be admitted. The discovery helped solve a food crisis in Sweden, freeing up traditional cereals for food as it could be used to make alcohol. Eva Ekeblad breakthrough experiment of extracting starch from potatoes to make flour paved the way for vodka distillation – a cause for celebration across Europe and the world.

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