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Caught sleeping behind the desk? Worry not! The world of power napping is picking up everywhere with the introduction of specially designed ‘Nap Bars’.

As the name goes, The nap Bar is place where you can rest, sleep and relax in your free time. And we’re not kidding! This trend has become a rage worldwide. Recently launched nap bar in Madrid by Siesta & Go, is the first-of-its kind to be open in Spain. It offers 19 beds, armchairs and footrests for relaxing and reading. There is also a provision of table, internet, work space to choose from as per need.

The charges applicable at any nap bar are as per the minutes and hours spent from the moment one uses the service. Still wondering what all do you get in there? Hold on a second and read on! In a nap bar, you can get a newspaper, charger to even nightshirts, slippers, sheets and blanket.

The concept is already common in Paris, London, Brussels, New York and Tokyo. Naming a few of these bars acrss the globe:

ZZZen Bar à Sieste, Paris– ZZZen Bar provides various services like hand and foot massage to full body massage, apart from sleep stations.


The Nap Station, London– The Nap Station in London offers the chance to have a quick daytime nap. This one is already endorsed by a number of US-based giants including Google, Apple, Nike, Procter & Gamble. The nap station provides communal workspaces, free wi-fi, artisan black coffee, comfortable bed workstations.


The Yelo Spa, Manhattan, New York– In this world of work pressure, the Yelo Spa in the busy Manhattan area of New York City helps to unwind and heal with the treatments they offer. They offer a version of power nap that also includes skin care, facials, massages, waxing etc. One can choose the combination as per one’s needs. Come here to get rejuvenated. It is also in Sao Paulo and San Juan.


Pauzzz- take a break, Brussels– As the name suggests, Pauz or Pauzzz nap bar offers automated massages to help one get a better sleep. From 15 to 45 minutes, it offers sleep breaks with soft music, delicate scents and luminotherapy (light therapy that helps in the treatment of various seasonal disorders) that recharges you to give your best. From providing lockers, slippers to sheets, Pauz take care of everything.


Nap Cafe Corne, Tokyo – A one of a kind women-only nap bar offers comfortable nap space. Nap Cafe Corne also offers a kitchen, small shop that sells healthy food, a make-up and changing room. It is affordable and a woman can choose the pillow she wants out of many hundreds.


Will India have such a thing soon? Fingers crossed!

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