Excited about the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE? It won’t work abroad!
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As with every new Apple unveil, the Apple Watch Series 3 had Apple enthusiasts across the world swooning in excitement. As with previous series, the new Apple watch connects with iPhones via Bluetooth. For the first time, though, there is also an LTE model of the watch, meaning that you can plug in a separate SIM card into the watch, allowing it to function without the paired iPhone being nearby. This makes it easy for the watch to be taken along for jogging, listening to live-streamed music, and other activities without carrying the phone as well.

There is a catch, though – the LTE variant does not work on roaming! This means that whenever you are outside your home country, you cannot make calls or use mobile internet services on the watch. This has not been advertised widely by Apple, but it is mentioned on the store page: “Roaming is not available outside your carrier network coverage area.”

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