Your favourite stars caught photoshopping their pictures!

When singing sensation Rihanna recently Instagrammed her greek-goddess type bikini picture, it took the entire world by storm. Sadly, not for all the right reasons! Before the jaw-dropped fans were even done ogling, one thing about the picture stood out like a sore thumb…literally and metaphorically!!! Rihanna’s thumb in the picture seems to have two nails…umm yes…TWO NAILS! It quickly raked up the eternal controversy of celebs duping their fans with PHOTOSHOPPED pics! So, the impeccable bodies – that look almost divine – that lower mortals like you and I can only ogle and wish for but never get, weren’t even real! The celebs had taken a little help from the photoshop-fairy! So disenchanting! Especially because the same celebs become bastions of all things natural – shedding pearls of wisdom on how you should love your body the way it is! Yeah right!

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Here are some more celebs, among scores of them, who may have been tweaking their images! Sigh…

Kim Kardashian


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No surprises here, actually! The reality TV star has often been accused of touching up her pictures. Airbrushed… looking flawless, slimmer, fuller… basically all types of perfect. More often than not, the fans can see through the perfect image and tell there is a lot of external help involved (read not just surgeries, but also photoshop)! This pic, for example, had drawn a lot of flak because of the photoshop-perfection it exhibits. Kim, of course, would never confess.

Lindsay Lohan

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Ms Lohan had apparently put a nice, cheery pic of herself on Instagram. The problem? Check out the area around her butt…her derrière has been photoshopped to look curvier, but in the shoddy job, even the door and the area behind her is curved! Geez! If you’re photoshopping, at least be smart about it! We couldn’t find the pic on Instagram anymore… hope the actress didn’t take it off to come back with more polished and discreet photoshop skills! You never know!


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So turns out, Queen Bey had also taken top Instagram to show her fans just how perfect she is. Except, the door behind her kinda gave it away! A site was quick to point out how the pic had been edited, thanks to the weirdly bent lines at the back. But, again, you can only assume (be sure of, actually) from what you see, the stars almost never own up to it. Sadly. Beyonce and photoshop? Who would have thought!

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