The fight We Secretly Enjoyed: Hina Khan vs Arshi Khan
Hina Khan And Arshi Khan Fight

Bigg Boss Season 11 witnesses the arch enemies voicing their protest against each other and the ugly crying scenes!

Bigg Boss had been blessing us with great content since January 2006. 11 years and 11 seasons later, we are still entertained. Whether your favourite is Priyank Sharma, Benafsha Soonawalla, Hina Khan or Arshi Khan, we all know one thing about their house: their fights are insane.

From the first episode, contestants have been spitting fire against each other. The Big Boss family is known for instances where issues escalate till they hit the ceiling. The most recent being the tussle between Hina Khan and Arshi Khan that has given us instances of everything interesting, from bullying to mental and physical fights.

In the latest episode, Bigg Boss introduced the “Bigg Boss ki Adalat” task where Priyank Sharma teamed up with Hina Khan to accuse Arshi of creating a wrong image about them infront of the camera. This fight spread like wild-fire and the entire Bigg Boss house was enveloped by it with every contestant talking and shouting at the top of their voices.

Watching Hina Khan is an entertainment in itself, but we cherish the moments she spends fighting with Arshi. Twitteratis called her out the beloved television for her hypocritical comment on Arshi Khan, “Bahar Kapde Phaad Kar Kaam Milega”.

We definitely don’t want to get between these banters, but we absolutely love watching them go down.

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