The Five Coldest Places in the World
  • Story Crux Team

Feeling hot, hot, hot? Want to kick back and chill? Choose your words carefully, because if you pack your bags and head to either of the places on our list below, you are guaranteed a truly chilling experience! So bulk up and get set to see the five coldest places in the world:

Yakutsk, Russia

Russians are cold, literally! Can you blame them, when in a city like Yakutsk, the capital of the Sakha Republic, has among the harshest winters? Average January temperatures hover between -38 to -42 F, and if that is not “cool” enough, the all-time low was a shivering -83 F! Brrrrrrr!

Oymyakon, Russia

The name of this city comes from a local hot spring . . . ironical, much? Perfect for adventure seekers who live by an extreme credo, the mercury has dipped to as low as -90 F.

Yellowknife, Canada

Layer up when you venture to the capital of the Northern Territories in Canada, a city of superlatives! The coldest winter, the longest snow cover season, and much more, the temperature once dropped to just -60 F.

Vostok, Russia


Who says research is not cool? Talk to the scientists at the Antartic research station of Vostok – in the month of August, the temperature was once at a low of -128.6 F!

Plateau Station, Antarctica


Located on the central Antarctic plateau, Plateau Station was once a support base for the South Pole – Queen Maud Land Traverse (SPQMLT), a 1960s’ US scientific exploration of Antarctica. The lowest temperature recorded here was -119.2 F.

Antarctica Climate