Five things you didn’t know about Young Sheldon

Love him or hate him, but you cannot ignore Sheldon Cooper from CBS’ much-loved series The Big Bang Theory. However, you will fall in love with the younger version of the character, too, in the show Young Sheldon, where the lead role is played by Iain Armitage. By now, you would have got to know all about the story and gushed over Armitage’s cuteness, but did you know that the show is actually the brainchild of Jim Parsons (who portrays the older Sheldon in TBBT)? Well, we didn’t know either. So we decided to do some digging and found these interesting facts about the show and the cast.

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1. Zoe Perry is related to a TBBT actor
Zoe Perry and Laurie Metcalf who play mothers to young and older Sheldon, respectively, are mother and daughter in real life! Makes perfect sense, right? And here we thought the casting director did an amazing job.

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2. The show is being shot in a single-camera format
Unlike TBBT, Young Sheldon is a single-camera show. This is Chuck Lorre’s (creator) first show without an audience. A reason that the makers ditched the multi-camera format is because they are working with a cast of young children, and it seemed appropriate for the kids to have the time to develop their characters and give their best.

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3. Young Sheldon is not portrayed as a brat
Older Sheldon is annoying and can be hard on his friends yet the audience forgive him and laugh at his antics. “But when you take those same qualities and ask a nine-year-old to do it, that’s like being a brat and it is not something very pleasant to watch. The show revolves around his [Sheldon] life when he’s naive, a time when he has not yet become cynical and overly controlling. He has his idiosyncrasies but he’s much more vulnerable. At age nine he’s a more innocent and hopeful version of the character,” a source says.

4. Jim will narrate as adult Sheldon
Jim Parsons was the brainchild behind the idea of the show and had revealed that he was the one who originally pitched Sheldon’s childhood story. In addition to coming up with the show and serving as executive producer, Parsons will also reprise his role as adult Sheldon, adding voiceover narration to key parts of the episodes!

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5. Armitage auditioned for the show by recording an iPhone video
Last Christmas at his grandmother’s house in Georgia, Armitage auditioned for his role through an iPhone video. Armitage had never watched TBBT but the result of his audition won over the show’s makers.

If you haven’t caught the show already, you can watch the premier today, November 3, on Comedy Central.

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