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Silent Disco In Delhi

It felt like the right thing to do, tapping my foot to the fast-paced Tare gin gin, trying to be in sync with my girl gang. But they all seemed to miss the beats, which was really weird. I tried to talk to them over the loud music only to get blank stares. One of them pointed to her ears gesturing at her inability to hear me. And that was when we both realised that the music we were dancing to was blasting into our ears through noise-cancelling headphones. And the reason for our total un-synced moves, you ask? Well, she was grooving to Alan Walker’s Faded while I was trying to jive to Sukhbir’s popular track. We took our headphones off and what we saw around had us fascinated for quite some time – a crowd dancing away in silence, some fast, some slow and some, who, like us, stood completely bewildered!


We were at Headphones, Delhi’s first silent disco and lounge located in Greater Kailash II market. From the moment you get comfortable in the dining area, you are presented with a pair of headphones that plays specially-curated tracks ranging from Bollywood to electronic dance music (EDM) and sufi. But if you ask for my honest opinion, it is a bit silly to put on the headphones while you are trying to share a meal with your friends – you can’t hear one another and end up looking like human bobble heads, much to the amusement to everybody around you. I speak from experience here. The headphones, however, serve their purpose on the dance floor.


Dancing apart, the food and drinks menu will keep you to your seats for some time. Although they do not specialise in one particular cuisine, they offer some popular dishes such as masala fried fish, assorted vegetable fried basket, meals in bowls (both for vegetarians and meat lovers), pizzas and pastas. We tried the medley of tandoori offerings. The tikkas and kebabs were delectable but the portions were disheartening. And the only thing that stood out in the butter chicken pizza was the perfectly cooked thin pizza crust. But the biggest disappointment was the chicken krapao and potato wedges poutine. What I hoped for was gravy-soaked golden French fries mixed with minced chicken and topped with melted cheese. But what was served on the table was a curious case of missing cheese. The dish looked like scrambled chicken (I was told that it was fragrant Thai chicken, minced) with a few potato wedges playing hide and seek. And though the dish was delicious even without the cheese, a poutine is not a poutine without cheese. Period.

masala fried fish

Thumbs up: The ambience of the space – lively (except for on Mondays)
Thumbs down: The prices on the drinks menu
Storycrux suggestion: The channel playing sufi music needs to be worked on

Headphones silent disco