Four rainy day workouts for flab to fab!
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While the monsoon is busy playing spoilsport in many parts of the country, the ‘pseudo-gymmers’ will actually be having a total field day… only figuratively, though, as everyone is pretty much holed-up indoors due to the incessant rains. These are folks who like to convince themselves (and others) that they are into fitness, even take an annual membership at the fancy neighborhood gym, BUT always manage to find reasons to skip “just today” or temporize until  “tomorrow”. Come monsoons and they have a legit excuse to avoid exercising – “who will wade through the puddles to get to the gym”; “it looks like it’s going to rain, might as well just sit in, sip on some garam chai and pakoras and rest today”; or the classic: “think I’m coming down with viral”.

Well tried! Sadly, however, we are going to rain on your parade (pun totally intended). Annoying rains and pesky traffic shall not keep you from looking your fittest. Nope, you don’t have to swim on the water-logged streets. You just have to do these four exercises, from the comforts of your cozy homes. Take our word for it … try these for a month and see the change for yourself.

1. Burpees

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This is a full-body workout.. involving jumping, crawling, stretching, with some push ups thrown in for good measure. One of the most effective forms of exercises, this alone, done according to the workout required, will keep you in ship shape from head to toe. Ladies, we mean you too! The beauty of this exercise is that you can vary the intensity and repetitions according to your stamina, need and flexibility. Start with three sets, of, say, 15 reps; eventually you can increase both the rounds and the reps, even use props like dumbbells or weight bands to make the regimen more strenuous.

2. Jumping Jacks

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Put on the loudest heavy metal and go all out! These again are great workouts for the entire body and can be customized to suit your body needs. Alternate these with rope-jumping, and you will be burning calories like no one’s business. Insider’s tip: keep your core engaged for a more effective session and faster results.

3. Mountain Climbers

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These are magic for the abs!  Just be mindful of the posture. If you can even do about a hundred of them, divided in a number of sets, be ready to flaunt abs of steel this Diwali! Those who have a pot belly or a paunch, you’re welcome! Just be persistent, and watch that fat burn away!

4. Planks

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This primarily means keeping your core engaged for as long as possible. If the core is strong, you can do pretty much anything – all the body-weight exercises will especially seem like a breeze. Include side planks in the regimen as well – the flabs will disappear like the sun on a cloudy day!