Four things your favourite Airline didn’t tell you
  • Story Crux Team

Did you know, most long-haul airplanes have secret bedrooms for the crew that only they know about and can access through a secret stairway? No? We thought as much. Your favourite airline may have crowned you a ‘frequent flier ‘ and given you miles, even free tickets or hotel stays, but did they tell you this about themselves? We bet not!

1. Planes are regularly struck by lightning! You read that right, they do! But breathe… all the modern planes are engineered to absorb it and be lightning-proof, so it is not really a matter of concern.

2. The loo isn’t really locked when you’re inside. Yup. The bathroom doors can be locked and unlocked from the outside by the flight attendants. But don’t worry, no one is likely to walk in on you, it’s only for emergencies.

3. Ever wondered why they dim the lights for landing? We’ll tell you. It’s for your safety: lowered lights help the eyes to adjust to the darkness, so in case anything goes wrong, the passengers won’t be rendered blind by the sudden darkness. And the emergency path-lighting and signs will also be more easily visible.

4. The pilot and co-pilot usually don’t eat the same food. Some airlines make it compulsory for them to take different meals to avoid any chances of simultaneous food poisoning.

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