Get Inked for Diabetes Alert
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The love for tattoos has become the new fashion statement with every passing day. From everything bizarre to something as simple as a star, tattoos have an interesting tale to tell.

Tattoo has been used to beautify scar or add extra oomph to your style statement but this time it is something as different as a colour-changing tattoo. Yes, you read that right. A group of researchers from Harvard and MIT have created these tattoos for diabetes patients.


These bio-sensing tattoos change colour when the sugar levels are too low or too high. A perfect mix of biotechnology and art, the tattoos with salt-sensing ink measure the sodium level. With the changing sodium level the colour changes between purple and pink and for glucose level between blue and brown.


So, next time if the pain of getting a tattoo scares you, just think of the advantage it can have in the long run.

Diabetes Tattoo