Get ready to watch Cheer-Men in Football Season 2018
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Cheerleading is no more a girl’s thing. Ahead of football season 2018, NFL cheerleading team will have male cheerleaders amongst their ranks, first time ever. Two cheerleading teams are diversifying their leagues. This time, during the football season one can see male cheerleaders in the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints.


Credit: Daily mail

Among the Rams, the new additions are dancers Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies. the news of their joining was announced with an official portrait of the squad. Peron and Jinnies had to beat 74 other applicants to make a place in the team.


Credit: Yahoo Sports

After Rams had new members in the squad, it was time for New Orleans Saints to make some additions. Jesse Hernandez joined the Saintsations after audition process. Other members of the squad are happy that like them, the other candidates also went through a rigorous audition process.

NFL cheerleading teams have had stuntmen earlier as well, however this is the first time male team members will be taking to the field with female counterparts.

Lead Image Courtesy: Angle News

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