Give your brows a bold makeover

Do you like your eyebrows bushy, full, natural, arched or tapered? Whatever your brow-goals are, we’ve got your fix. Read on…

Make my brows thicker

Give your tweezers a rest. As a matter of fact, many eyebrow artists won’t even see clients unless they’ve let their brows grow out for at least two months. Whether you’re in a grow-out phase or naturally full, pluck only to clean up a few wayward hairs. When adding colour, use your brows’ natural thickness at the inner corners as a guide for how wide you can make them.

Make my arches defined

Creating this arch yourself requires precision; the natural peak should align with the outer white of your eye. Once you’ve got your shape, you can maintain the silhouette at home with tweezers; limit your plucking sessions to once a week. To build the arch with make-up, look for a soft wax-based pencil.

Make mine straight across

To get the straight look, you have to let your arch hairs grow in, undoing any curve you’ve created manually. Be patient; this could take six to eight weeks, or longer. Then taper out the brow shape towards the end, creating the horizontal effect. As you wait for the hairs in your arch to grow back in, a hard, waxy pencil is going to be your best friend. This is how you change the shape.

Eyebrows Makeup