Give your Home a Monsoon Twist
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Thundering showers and the petrichor are a reprieve from the hot sunny days of summer. While the grey clouds on the canvas of the sky can be charming, the gloomy weather can make you spend most of your time inside the house. Spruce up your home, redo the interiors, add something bright and beautiful to curl up in the chair and relax with a piping hot cup of coffee during monsoon. From multitude options for living room, perfect elements for bedroom to quirky additions to balcony and and kitchen, the monsoon friendly decor can make the stay at home glamorous. Romanticise the monsoon with tips to manage your home interiors during rain.

Cozy bedroom


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With the coming of rainy season, it is time to decorate your home with monsoon theme. There can be various themes and designs to redo the interiors of the bedroom. If you are looking forward to renovate your bedroom this monsoon, it is best to start with the walls. Opt for textured painting with the best colours for monsoon like green and blue to give a new feel to the walls. Don’t worry if the floor of the bedroom is made of hardwood. An easy way to avoid sogginess is to cover the floor with waterproof rugs and mats. You can also choose carpets with intricate designs and myriad of colours.

Dark colours minimise the light availability in the room. Opt for bright shades like green, red, orange and yellow for the cushions of the couch and sofa. For long, lazy afternoons, choose from a range of cotton fabrics for bed linen. A wind chime in the windows can be an added luxury and soothe your ears with their music.

Vibrant living room



Lighter and airy living rooms are a necessity during the season. Light draperies are the best for the ambience of the room. Light flowing translucent curtains filter sunshine in the house. Replace the heavy hardwood furniture with the lighter one. The trendiest option is glass furnishing with a reflective surface. Cheerful aura can be maintained with bright decorative coverings in retro-prints or bold and beautiful motifs. If you love to experiment, convert your beautiful vintage sarees and fabrics to cushion covers.

The smell of the monsoon can be depressing. Keep it away with scented and oils. Colourful candles in beautiful candlesticks can add a zing to the living room. Exotic lightings and fixtures like lampshades and chandeliers are sure to uplift the pall of gloom

Trendy kitchen and dining space


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To balance the colours in the house, the dining spread can be kept minimalistic in neutral shades. Jazz up the space with bright table mats and distinct cutlery. Brightly coloured walls with unique glass bottles, quirky containers and colourful cutlery are creative ways to add some life to the mundane space. Make some pace for decorative rugs, chair slipovers and trendy stools in the dining area. Display the ingredients in creative ways to give it an unconventional look. Bowls of different shapes and sizes can be used to keep fruits and vegetables.

Fascinating balcony


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A great place to enjoy the pitter patter of raindrops, the balcony, can be made an inviting place with a makeover during the monsoon. Assorted chairs with table and benches can be a worthy addition to the sit-out plans. Seasonal flowers in wall mounted pots and balcony planters are a pleasant options. Bring in wind chimes, fairy lights and garden accessories for a positive aura.

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