Goa’s beautiful Otter Island
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Goa is home to many undiscovered destinations and one such place is Wild Otters Goa, a conservation research centre located on Chorão island. Founded in 2014, this research centre has been working towards otter research and conservation in India.

Besides being a place for research, Wild Otters Goa also welcomes wildlife enthusiasts to come and stay. There are numerous homestay facilities. These stays are made in century-old Goan homes and offer hostel-style dormitories and home-cooked meals.

Goa's beautiful Otter Island

Credit: SeekSherpa

When you visit Wild Otters, taking a tour to the island is a must. One can take field walks twice a day with researchers and take a sneak peek into the world of the cute four-legged creature. You can also enjoy workshops on topics such as conservation technology and field methods, jungle survival, wildlife research techniques, island exploration and more.

Lead Image Courtesy: Condé Nast Traveller India

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