Google Customises Services for Indian Users
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Google Go India

Google has an estimate of 390 million monthly active users in India. For these very users, Google is now trying to come up with India-centric services. The search engine, practically taking over the internet, announced new initiatives and enhancements to its existing services with a focus to make its services more relevant for Indian users.

After the success of Google Assistant in the Jio smartphone-user market, Google is now working on its voice capacities on the Google Go app which is a lite version of its main application. Google Go is capable of reading web pages out loud. Users can now pull web pages in a range of Indian languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, and Tamil, apart from English.

“Powered by natural language processing and speech synthesis AI, this technology can read billions of webpages smoothly in a natural sounding voice. It supports 28 languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi and Tamil—even on 2G connections,” the company said in a blog post.

Google Assistant also now supports Marathi language. As many as eight new Indian languages will be added to the assistant’s software to make it user-friendly for the Indian population. The platform will also see integration of local applications such as Airtel, Hello English and Where is My Train.
Google also announced a new initiative ‘Project Navlekha’ under which it will help 100,000+ offline Indian language publishers bring their content online.

Rajan Anandan, VP, India and Southeast Asia said that, “Voice has been emerging as the preferred mode of use for new internet users. We’re seeing major growth of voice queries in India. Furthermore, online video now accounts for 75% of all mobile traffic. And as for vernacular, majority of the internet users today are Indian language users, a number expected to reach 500 million plus in the next two years. 95% of video consumption is in vernacular languages,” he added.

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