GoT-Like Destinations In Our Desi Land
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The whole world is going Ga-Ga over the GoT series! So if you fancy being at one of those sets but can’t do much due to the distance. Worry not as these destinations, which are very much in India, can recreate the same GoT magic for you!

So, get set to know about these destinations in our Desi Land that can certainly be on your next travel list!

Qarth in Jaisalmer

Shifting sand dunes, an arid landscape and some forts and royal architecture are nothing less than a wonder to explore. So, if you wish to relive the journey of Khaleesi, we bet this destination would be everything you would be longing for!

Bangalore Palace in Karnataka

The flashes of lush green gardens and natural beauty all around is the first thing that comes when you think of Highgarden. And, th same can be found at the Bangalore Palace. Adding to the beauty of this location is the beautiful weather conditions of Bangalore. So shoutout loud for an apt replacement to the Olenna Tyrell’s Highgarden


Taking through the mountains will surely bring you close to the experience of Catelyn Stark’s journey to Lysa Arryn’s castle. Just like it was in the series, the terrains in Tawang are difficult to access but are breathtakingly beautiful!

Fatehpur Sikri in Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Standing tall and magnificent just like the Sept of Belor, Fatehpur Sikri in agra is a delight to visit. So, imagine yourself in the builsing and you will know similar it is to your GoT experience! And, we all know how easily Agra is approachable to the whole of India.

Murud Janjira Fort in Maharashtra

If you are a true GoT fan, getting on top of any of the forts in Maharashtra would directly transport you to the Casterly Rock. Casterly Rock. The stunning vistas around the fort and the magnificent view from the top makes it a must-visit for every GoT fan.

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