Green is your new home

A little makeover of our charming space can go along way in conserving the environment. Re-design and brighten up the interiors of your abode with eco-friendly decor options which are a rage and be a part of the go-green campaign.

Old is Gold


Vintage is trending and adds rustic charm to the space. Give your home a new look with vintage furniture and decor items. Use unconventional items to liven up the interior. If wear and tear bothers you, opt to showcase vintage items on shelves to avoid clutter. All you have to do is go to flea markets, antique stores or choose something from family heirlooms and your home is ready for a chic makeover.


Experiment and be creative in using the old objects to jazz up the abode. Breathing new life into the old decor can be time consuming but is totally worth the wait. Repaint the wooden furniture, use suitcases or trunks as side tables, turn the old sarees into cushion covers or table mats, use plastic bottles as plant holders, glass bottles as photo frames and give your home a fresh and healthy life.

Take a cue from nature

Your surroundings can help a lot in decorating the house. Think of energy conservation while choosing the decor. Replace heavy drapes with sheer ones to allow light in the house. Sheer drapes are good for ventilation and can also help minimise the use of air conditioners. Spruce up the look with a perfect ceiling fan which is a lovely option for cross-ventilation.

Indoor plants


Plants not only help clear the air but also make the home look stunning. Choose from an assortment of plant hangers and centre table specials to make every corner of the house look lively. Plant hangers can be used in balcony or on a rod in living room. Invest in money plant or bonsai pot for the bathroom. Bamboo plant placed in a corner and a cactus or jade at the centre table add dash to the setting.

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