Have you heard about the cocktail with a severed human toe

We think not! But there is a famous drink, Sourtoe Cocktail, that has, among other ingredients, an amputated human toe!!! If you are cringing already, wait till you hear the details! In Downtown Bar, Dawson City, Canada, an actual human toe, preserved in salt for as long as possible, is used as a garnish! So order a drink of your choice, and the human toe comes soaked in it! It may sound repulsive, but the drink, introduced in 1973, is a big hit – so famous, its almost a tradition in the city.

Who, in their right mind, could have come up with such a drink, you ask? Well, the legend has it that the first drink was actually a dare. But of course! In the 1920s, a miner had apparently had his frostbitten toe removed. He preserved it in a jar of alcohol as a souvenir(?). Almost five decades later, someone by the name of Captain Dick Stevenson is said to have found the jar. He brought it to the Sourdough Saloon at the Downtown Bar, dipping it in people’s drinks and challenging people to take a gulp! And thus came into existence the “Sourtoe” cocktail.


The original toe lasted for about six-seven years, and is said to have even been replaced a couple of time since! So next time, you are in Canada, maybe take a sip of a dead toe? But make sure you don’t swallow it, or you’ll be fined rather heavily (reportedly upto $2,500).

Please excuse us while we go puke!

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