Here’s is how you can ‘Rent a Boyfriend’
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Rent a Boyfriend

Are you not interested in Tinder hook-ups and still looking for a partner by your side? A newly launched application is the cure.

The applications allows you to ‘rent a boyfriend’ to cure depression. It is called Rent A Boy Friend aka RABF app. They even have a website

Both the app and website were launched on Friday in Mumbai and Pune and aim to help people overcome depression by having a partner for a day. The app is designed by 29-year-old Kaushal Prakash who says that the hook-ups through this app are going to be purely platonic and there won’t be any sexual relation or private meeting.

He designed the app with his own experience of suffering from depression. The app will also have a toll-free number where people can talk to professionals to discuss their problems. On RABF, one can rent a celebrity for Rs 3,000, a model for up to Rs 2,000, and a commoner for Rs 300-400 per hour. The website works on a commission basis and gives 70 per cent of the earning to the boyfriends.

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Kaushal Prakash Mumbai RABF App